The Lords of Art Town - Artists

Interdisciplinary artist Bill Bailey was born in Germany and as a child traveled the world with his family. He currently resides in Arizona where he received his BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance at ASU in 2006. He is founder of the Lords of Art Town Studio and Gallery located in Phoenix on the art walk circuit. Since 2005 he has been a key member of the team that has made possible the preservation and exhibition of the Schwemberger collection in various venues around the world. This collection has special meaning for Bill, as he is the father of three Dine` children. Bill’s work often focuses on subcultures as evidenced in The Page Project, a contemporary nod to icon Betty Page, and socio-political issues such as domestic violence, immigration, aids, and addiction.

Glass and installation artist Gaea Bailey was born in upstate New York and migrated to Phoenix in the late 60s. After a long corporate career and a decade in retirement, she co-founded The Lords of Art Town Studio and Gallery with her husband, Bill, in 2006. Gaea’s artistic ventures reflect her interest in both social commentary, evident in her installation piece, “An American Expression: Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees” and the beauty of cultural designs revealed through her fused glass work. She holds a BA in Integrative Studies, a MA in Archaeoastronomy from Arizona State University West. She currently lives in Phoenix surrounded by her husband, four children and granddaughter and is pursuing a second masters in the arts.

Jon White has been a Valley resident for most of his life. His love for photography was realized as troubled teenager. Photography molded and helped define many aspects of his life leading him through more than 20 years as a commercial and portrait photographer.
Realizing the power of sharing the gift of photography and self-expression with others, he earned his B.F.A. in Arts Education from A.S.U. and began teaching at Ironwood H.S. in Glendale, AZ in 2001.
As an artist, he takes great pleasure in sharing the beauty, knowledge and experiences he finds in the world. “Having anyone take pleasure in viewing what I’ve found important in life is intoxicating!”
As an educator, he has the daily reward of knowing he is able to lead many eager young minds to something as necessary in life as oxygen: The Arts. “We are training our youth to run the future world. If there isn’t enough art influencing their lives, then we’re not doing ourselves any favors.”